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My boyfriend is part of the team that created the mystery hunt this year! I find it really interesting to hear about on a macro level but I am not puzzle-geeky enough to participate.

stay warm!
--Felicia Sat Jan 17 11:18:27 2009
I hate your boyfriend.

But it's nothing personal.

He's not around on campus, is he?
--Kirk Sat Jan 17 14:32:35 2009
He's there just for the weekend. 
--Felicia Sat Jan 17 17:38:01 2009
well, i guess i won't come trying to weasel out information thanks to the fact I know you :-)
--Kirk Sat Jan 17 17:40:47 2009
Is this your first Mystery Hunt? If not there is a good chance you probably know of him. I'm glad you're not trying to use me. It probably wouldn't work anyway...there is a puzzle code of honor, or something...
--Felicia Sat Jan 17 18:20:08 2009

After, let's write, and find out his "stagename" here, if he has one...
--Kirk Sat Jan 17 20:17:10 2009
Ummm I know of what you speak but let's talk somewhere else...
--Felicia Sun Jan 18 09:02:17 2009
Good point. I hadn't thohugt about it quite that way. :)
--Woods Mon Jun 20 14:03:45 2011
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