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So despite the name, the team that won wasn't a new one. Based on the number of them that were at the wrap up I'd say they were a decent sized team as well.
--Rhys Mon Jan 19 20:29:03 2009
It's spokoy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!
--Rayshelon Sat Jun 18 14:15:06 2011
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Dear Scott,Sending you all good wishes from your csseals at Barry, everyone sends their love, we all talk about your fantastic journey and how well you are all doing. we are all clubbing together for singing lessons for you for Xmas, bet your dog sings better than you! Anyway dont like to be a grass but that MEGAN she`s been unruly since you`ve been away. so disruptive, and out of control. been giving the Instructor hell. and poor old Howard is threatening to leave, he can`t cope with her behaviour,. Me! (Cindy) I`m still the angel of the class keeping calm + peace among your clients (you know me). So we are all looking forward to your return and hearing all the good bits of your expedition. Take good care, Keep safe, miss you loads, sending our love,                from all your referrals at BARRY xxx
--Doreen Thu Apr 11 16:32:04 2013

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