how do you spell bears
I don't get it. I keep wondering if I'm supposed to be laughing about the fact that he spells the words he's asking how to spell in the word bubbles.
--masukomi Thu Jan 22 08:57:03 2009
It's one from a series of similar-ish, word-balloon only cartoons...
ok, at the risk of over-analyzing and killing any humor...
* the impulsive nature of a letter to da president
* who shares keyboards anyway
* whats this letter about, i mean besides diamonds and bears
* punchline... just what the hell is going on here? some kind of time travelly thing in the cold with THE guttenberg and is the cold person the one who had the keyboard to pass? And the "mr" reinforces that 'cause of the differential tone

and THATS why i think i think it's funny
--Kirk Thu Jan 22 10:05:09 2009
Ahhh....the joys of absurdity!
--YELM Thu Jan 22 17:14:08 2009

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