whither deathtöngue?
If you're trying to get it back to the ogirinal settings, you want to reinstall the operating system. This will lead to all the files on the hard drive being overwritten (and a hard-drive re-format) as part of the process.I don't think there's a difference between the two routes you describe. When you press F8, you get a menu up which will prompt you for the Restore CD. If the disc is in when you turn the computer on, it skips this menu step as it can boot into the installation programme direct from the CD-ROM in the drive.Quick health warning: if there's data you want to keep, you need to back it up before starting. And don't forget that any programmes you want on the machine after restoring it back to base will need re-installing afterwards using the installation disks you have for them
--Nisrin Sat Jan 5 13:39:46 2013

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