memphis soul stew
Can you please explain all these initials you use for people?
You refer to all these people, but I don't know who they are or what relation they have to you :P
--Darkcraft Mon Feb 2 05:18:30 2009
Heh, sorry, not trying to be so "insidey".
Regular abbreviations include:
JZ, good friend, former coworker, main game buddy
EB, (aka Evil B) old, old college buddy, lived in the same house as him for a while, helped h renovate his current house and am "unka" for his daughter, EBB (for EB baby)

MELM and MELAS, my ever lovin' mom and aunt, respectively

Lex and LAN3, friends of mine, both show up reasonably often on the site

cmg, woman I dated for a bit and current occasional drinking buddy

FoSO (female of strong opinion) and her SO FoSOSO- friends, I intermitently dated her in college
--Kirk Mon Feb 2 18:29:48 2009

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