i am melon hear me roar
Scary but AWEsome.
--The_Lex Tue Feb 3 16:26:03 2009
Re: Twitter: Interesting pocket of non-activity for Montana/Wyoming/ N & S Dakota & Nebraska.
--YELM Tue Feb 3 16:37:24 2009
Yeah, I was thinking that. I guess it's just a relatively sparse population, and either less less likely to be twitter using online types, or don't like football. I suspect the former.
--Kirk Tue Feb 3 19:03:03 2009
With the green color, I immediately think of the Slimer from the Ghostbusters, but it also looks like a screaming baseball, bellowing in pain after being batted.
--LAN3 Tue Feb 3 23:05:39 2009
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