is this real life?
Clearly the kid had some oral surgery, not a regular trip to the dentist.
--LAN3 Tue Feb 10 15:43:23 2009
qKYcdo wow, awesome article.Really thank you! Fantastic.
--Buy Cheap OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:20:55 2012
Good luck gentlemen! Bentley and I can't wait to floolw you over the next week. Even though you haven't even left and I already miss Josh. Be Safe.
--Simi Fri Apr 5 08:08:00 2013
I thought there would be dereffint classes every weeknight at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm? I was planning to attend the 5pm classes after work but this schedule doesn't show any 5pm classes, and only one 6pm class on Tuesday. I am disappointed. Last year you advertised a whole mess of classes daily and at several times. Please, aerobics classes at 5pm. Or, a mix of aerobics, yoga, and pilates at 5 pm. (5:15 would be better since many of us leave the office at 5)  Thanks!
--Raylson Fri Apr 5 08:08:03 2013

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