true love glances impatiently at its watch
well we all know how *I* think sex is the bees knees.
--cmg Fri Feb 6 21:35:22 2009
For me it is important to really like someone a lot before we get naked because sex is all about being open and connecting on an intimate level for me. That said I'm a lot more sure about who I want to connect with these days and better at weeding during the email stage so I'm probably ready to get naked a lot sooner than you are. Being sterile also removes a big stressor for me. Good luck with the balance.
--Felicia Sat Feb 7 09:46:25 2009
Damn ive seen her b4 but cant thing of her name…Bella Maria or sheitomn.
--Trixie Sun Feb 12 00:23:50 2012
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