over does it
Your klog (Kirk's own Blog format) has always been big on the side whitespace. So yeah, removing the sidebar affects it, but you'll think of something.
--gowen Tue Feb 10 10:59:43 2009
3 or 4
probably 3
maybe 4
or not

--YELAS Tue Feb 10 15:38:16 2009
Currently I'm leaning on a variation w/ 4. I kind of enjoy the icons I made, and they show off some things I'd like people to see.
--Kirk Tue Feb 10 18:33:37 2009
Re: sugar glider.....I had to google it! Cute.
--YELM Wed Feb 11 09:00:33 2009
Kirk may NOT buy a sugar glider.
Need I mention the hermit crab fiasco?
--YELAS Wed Feb 11 20:05:24 2009

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