the bees of goonswarm
Why did the BEE go to the doctor??? Answer: He had HIVES! Hardy Har Har!
--Moon Thu Feb 12 20:24:52 2009
Honey, that needs some work... your sense of humor is a-pollen.

Well, not really, but...
--Kirk Thu Feb 12 22:40:52 2009
I stumbled on this today, and i am a member of Goonswarm, in Goonfleet, Pisquad (piswarm) but screw pi squad (and FORD, his neckbeard is full of cheetos.)

Here is a song by our esteemed uncle suas, "i robbed a goon" (redo of i kissed a girl) add www =

Since this was posted, we have destroyed Band of Brothers, now Kenzoku, and have occupied their homelands. We are now assisting our russian brothers with a foriegn legion program.

Goonfleet Blackops (blops) is in full force, losing expensive nanoships to retarded pubbies :D

I have a poster of this hanging on my wall!
--Laenatus Wed Jul 22 09:09:01 2009
Where does one find a poster of this?
--az Thu Aug 12 16:13:33 2010
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