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Can you explain who all these three-letter people are? I have no idea who EBB and all the others are :P

I'm a bit paranoid about crossover cables too. I never have one when I need one though. Not that I ever really need one anymore.
--Darkcraft Sun Feb 15 02:42:49 2009
I posted a guide in the comments to - I wonder if I need to make this a permanent part of the site :-)

As far as I know I have zero need for crossover cables, and in fact, don't have any. But I am paranoid still.
--Kirk Sun Feb 15 07:57:31 2009
Oooh sorry I thought I had asked before but I couldn't remember :P
Thankyou :)
It would be helpful if it were a permanent part of the site, perhaps a little link on the sidebar that has a popup containing an explanation.
--Darkcraft Mon Feb 16 02:34:18 2009
"Always a bit paranoid that I accidentally have an ethernet "crossover cable", not a normal, even though they're WAY out of vogue these days."
Hehe-- At my job, we used Crossover cables so infrequently, and always temporarily, so we basically banned any crossover cable with two male plugs. We had a handful of very short (always <2ft, sometimes shorter) crossover cables with a RJ-45 female jack on one end, and a male plug on the other. Add it to a regular cable and it turns it into a crossover. Likewise, a crossover added to a crossover = a straight-through, or whatever you call the non-crossover cables. So keep one nearby your PC, and you can turn one cable into the other. Just don't use solid-core UTP.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 18 20:07:55 2009

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