buildings and boston sky
--YELM Thu Feb 19 15:15:33 2009
Sorry, just a sleepy day

Also I guess there's still a bug in my system where it will prepublish even if it's blank? odd.
--Kirk Thu Feb 19 20:15:24 2009
I had been thinking that's to get it ready for the twittering?
--The_Lex Fri Feb 20 08:11:56 2009
well, the logic is supposed to be if there's twittering or an "anchor post", put the bar there, otherwise don't... the otherwise don't part isn't quite working.
--Kirk Fri Feb 20 08:27:08 2009
Your way makes sense to the human mind, but we're talking computers here. They make everything difficult when it's not simple. ;b
--The_Lex Fri Feb 20 13:02:03 2009

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