It's as if Java is trying to prove how bad a choice it is as a client web tech. First it locks up my browser for five seconds while it loads, then every couple seconds it flashes and stops responding to my keyboard input until i click on it with the mouse at which point i die because i am now flying into the ground and before i can tell it to go up again it stops listening to keyboard input again.

I really wish Processing hadn't chosen Java for its animation tech, or well anything for that matter.
--masukomi Mon Feb 23 08:25:06 2009
Oh, such a hater you are.

Weirdly, even on my aging desktop, it runs like a champ...

What the hell are you running that handles Java so poorly, OS + browser wise?
--Kirk Mon Feb 23 14:49:15 2009
(the sound libraries crank up the download size a bit much :-( )
--Kirk Mon Feb 23 14:49:38 2009

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