"it gives you pep, see?" --greg bauer, 1992
I used to mistake it for the Obama campaign logo
--mkb Tue Mar 3 12:21:48 2009
I'm sure one or the other has a trademark lawsuit!

I read that as "Pop," which is wrong, of course, because you're east of the Miss. R. and therefore you call it SODA.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 4 15:17:48 2009
Also, that thing with earth and the star is an example of gravitational lensing, the bending of light from a star and this changing its apparent position. However, if the pepsi logo saves the planet, I promise I'll never point this out again.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 4 15:21:16 2009
Ohio is east of the Mississippi and it's totally Pop land.

I've said it before, but Pop is the superior word: a compact single syllable of palindromic onomatopoeia. If I didn't want to risk sounding like a rube around here I'd totally still use it.
--Kirk Thu Mar 5 10:01:57 2009

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