the safe water landing of flight 1549
A mysterious green sglude flowing into the South Platte River Sunday afternoon was algae running through a major storm drain from a lake at City Park. 9NEWS received multiple news tips from hikers and bicyclists near Globeville Landing Park wondering about the green substance, [...]
--Luluk Tue Apr 24 08:41:24 2012
Great topic. I encountered an uiphll runner this last october duing the late after sunset descent from my hike up to Lakes of the Clounds just under Mt Washington NH Where it was on the cusp of needed a headlamp, neither on of us had yet turned our headlamps on for distance and safety of trail conditions under feet due to poor light conditions., ( thought he was a challenger trail running into the night, anyway ) I guess i had and actually felt that i had the right away, but this gentlemen was cranking and a tight spot on the trail.. i could see him visually about oh, 100 feet ahead coming up tail.. so i found a solid rock of to the side of the trail and allowed him to pass.. P>S. much to my surprise he never even thanked me.. guess he knew, i knew trail etiquette and kept his breathing, pace and kept running so common since is always a best win-win way of life on trail.. ( night time is the right time to hike ) Thanks, Nighthiker please say hello at my blog..
--Jlal Fri Nov 22 11:18:56 2013

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