timish: a watch for literate time
"And its counterpart (salt, caffeine) is just too bizarre to contemplate." Diet Pepsi

--xoxoxoBruce Fri Mar 13 04:10:22 2009
Diet Pepsi tastes salty to you?
--Kirk Fri Mar 13 10:14:34 2009
Diet Coke actually does taste salty to me. I sort of love your approximate timepiece.
--Jacques Fri Mar 13 20:23:08 2009
Cool watch thing. If you mass produce them, I think you would make a lot of money.

We are now Facebook friends. I think. There were a few Kirk Israels.
--Nick/Darkcraft Fri Mar 13 21:30:50 2009
I like it. You'll be a millionaire
--Kim Fri Mar 13 21:48:01 2009
But do change it to Time-ish.
--Kim again Fri Mar 13 21:48:24 2009
Hi from Texas!
My vote is TIME-ISH.
Or change your name to Tim.
--YELAS Sat Mar 14 09:41:26 2009

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