if there is one thing bob saget taught me it's nothing is funnier than a guy getting hit in the 'nads
Kudos! What a neat way of tihkning about it.
--Margie Wed Apr 27 18:43:35 2011
Uh, I feel a little guitly admitting this as a 90 s kid, but I definitely prefer Tosh.0. I thank America's Funniest Home videos for the memories, but Tosh.0 is one of the rare cases where the newer one is better.
--Marija Sun Nov 24 05:52:05 2013
i've worked on look eneritly different after i'm done with them! if a writer takes credit for the resulting article, that's his or her prerogative  after all, it's the writer's name that appears on the article. just be aware that editing  heavy editing  happens.5. ask
--Ronni Mon Nov 25 02:51:16 2013

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