the chef of the midwest
you wondered "aloud," I suspect.

Never noticed that "chef."

It does remind me of a song that described my birth-state of Virginia as either a chicken on its belly, or a turkey on its back. I can see them both, and at the same time wonder why the two similar birds are in different positions.
--LAN3 Tue Mar 17 23:15:34 2009
whoops, I got the birds backwards. Turkey on its belly, Chicken on its back. The song is "Old Dominion" by 'Eddie from Ohio."
--LAN3 Tue Mar 17 23:18:07 2009
Did you just change some of the colors? Helps brighten up the place.
--The_Lex Wed Mar 18 06:43:50 2009
LAN3, yeah, fixed. Frickin' homonym typos!

Lex, it was green for St. Patricks Day! You actually liked it?
--Kirk Wed Mar 18 07:45:49 2009
it just looks like he has an explosive hernia to me...
--masukomi Thu Mar 19 08:13:16 2009
Oh you non-midwesterner Kate!

Actually for me I think it's an open question if Ohio is too far east to be Midwest. It's generally out of the tornado area, which could be a bit of a defining characteristic.
--Kirk Thu Mar 19 08:20:06 2009

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