I have had the honour of going to the tnegteihtharel foudation gala for the past four years now and it is such a joy to see such honourable and wonderful people to give such a deserving crisis intervention the help and honour it so muchly is needed i too am a surivor and with such wonderful people as the mazzaferro family and all of the beautiful people on the angel foudation team it has truly been a honour to be in your presence.At the begining of my journey with this family at the first gala was a presentation of a beautiful centrepiece on each table i truly bealeive a gift of love because as you looked upon it there was an agel right in the centre of it i had the fourtune to be able to bring this home with me after the gala that night and the angel was the beautiful angela in my heart and eyes, to hard to beleive but true i placed the angel on my car interior rear view mirror and in all my travels which are alot i took her presence with me then and now where ever i go she has become my silent angel a gift of love to be spread far and wide to angela in all the heavens and earth you will never be forgotten nor will never stop to bring peace and love into everyones life god bless little angel.
--Srhy Tue Apr 24 05:53:16 2012

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