warp whistle, windy city
That ingisht's perfect for what I need. Thanks!
--Travon Tue Mar 5 09:03:47 2013
Waltham commuter rail stop in that little park common.
--The_Lex Fri Mar 27 07:37:16 2009
Could be Nat'l Guard, and it could be Army-- they do some practicing in urban areas. 
--LAN3 Fri Mar 27 23:21:49 2009
when I lived on the Navy Base (PSNS in Bremerton WA), I once went to the Commissary (base grocery store) only to find that it was literally under seige by Marines. They were just drilling on an odd summer day, so they turned me away. There was no trace of them 2 hours later.
--LAN3 Fri Mar 27 23:23:16 2009

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