I have a tattoo in the same position on my left arm, and as you mentioned it's rarely seen.
After 20 years, I'll still be drying off with a towel or walking by a mirror and do a double take. Weird as it sounds, I just forget about it.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Apr 1 08:35:51 2009
--Flame Wed Apr 1 12:56:49 2009
Hi again, "Flame". Glad you're amused by the folly of my tattoo...
--Kirk Wed Apr 1 15:13:20 2009
PS I think it's usually spelled "BWA" not "BA"
--Kirk Wed Apr 1 15:18:56 2009
No reason not to dig it and welcome to the ranks of the tattooed. Will you fall prey to the potato chip effect (not stopping at one)? The argument can be made by just having a tattoo on one side your (gasp) unbalanced!

Also it might be in dispute if he is running in the same direction as you (3/29/09)... or outward at about 20 degrees from your course ... or around the shoulder to the front.
--Skidbladnr Wed Apr 1 17:42:25 2009
I always have mixed feelings about the permanence of a tatoo.
--The_Lex Wed Apr 1 18:45:41 2009
I suspect I'll stop at one, but if I didn't, it might be a stylized rocket ship I sometimes draw.

He's a lot closer to running the "same direction" than the left shoulder, though. It's a bit like why soldiers have an American flag on the right shoulder that seems to be reversed; the "pole" side always leads, with the flag trailing behind.
--Kirk Thu Apr 2 06:39:42 2009
K-IZ! Not only are you the coolest guy ever, but NOW you're badass! I hope you had a good birthday :)
--Candi Thu Apr 2 20:13:24 2009

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