long long ago in a state far far away
What is really freakish is that the Dallas music felt so familiar to me, like it was a part of me. Weird.
--The_Lex Sun Apr 5 10:20:56 2009
Fetishizing oil probably was deliberate-- you can imagine the show was pitched during the energy crisis of the 70s, back when people got all crazy and religious about windpower and being green and conserving energy-- can you imagine that happening today? Anyway, so yeah, they pitched a show about a rich oil family, right in the middle of world where people had turned against the oil companies and oil people. Texas oil folks have all the wealth and foreignness-to-most-Americans that it's great TV, and how could the writers resist showing them all as manipulative monsters?
--LAN3 Sun Apr 5 14:36:58 2009

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