good god
I seacehrd a bunch of sites and this was the best.
--Kellsie Tue Sep 6 05:40:18 2011
Thanks all! We Texans are dealing for now. Not snyiag there aren't some that waited too long but that's gonna happen no matter what. I bugged to my folks 7 miles away, the cats are semi-settled in a guest room. (hey, there was more food here  and gives me a great reason to drink myself silly in front of my parents LOL!)As someone w/New Orleans in my heart even if TX is my home (for now), your wishes and prayers and candles are very VERY appreciated. (it's about time we take one for y'all!!! :))Blessings!Elspeth
--Debashree Sun Aug 12 02:40:17 2012

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