squirrel. it's what's for snackies.
--cmg Sat Apr 11 16:14:19 2009
You have to give Brave New World high school credit for being creative with his insult.
--The_Lex Sun Apr 12 09:19:19 2009
Absolutely! I didn't even take it as that much of an insult -- it really described the lack of common sense and/or second guessing of conventional wisdom I'd tend to display, despite otherwise seeming like a really smart guy.
--Kirk Sun Apr 12 09:30:36 2009
OMG, I actually brought a package of these home from England for Jeff (along with a few other, equally questionable flavors). Remarakbly he's still talking to me.
--Rhys Mon May 4 15:00:09 2009

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