baby i was born to balance
Actually it's a bicycle, the Uno has two wheels side by side.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Apr 15 23:55:57 2009
Haha, but somehow saying "Now THAT, my friends, is a Bicycle" would just seem wrong. Thanks for the heads up.
--Kirk Thu Apr 16 08:04:57 2009
--Kirk Thu Apr 16 08:06:21 2009
Sorry, but that’s not going to haeppn. Personal loans only go to folks with strong credit histories."I dont care how much the APR is…" You’d BETTER care what the APR is! Only a fool takes out a loan blindly without being sure of what they are paying for the loan. If you went to one of the payday loan ripoff outfits you could EASILY wind up paying over $10,000 for a $3,000 loan. You’d be beholden to the lender for the rest of your life!If your own bank won’t lend you the money they are telling you something. You either don’t have enough established credit to be a worthy credit risk OR you don’t have enough income to pay off a loan of that size. Or both! If you don’t learn how to manage credit wisely now while you are young it will OWN you for the rest of your life.Needless to say, don’t even THINK of contacting the scam artists who spam "loans" here. No legitimate lender would EVER use a or or any other throwaway e-mail address. Those bastards will request advance fees from you (probably through Western Union) and you’ll never see a DIME. Advance-fee loans are illegal and anyone who asks for money from you in advance to prepare a loan is a scam artist who will rip you off.
--Ragil Sat Feb 11 15:01:39 2012

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