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H&R Block's TaxCut Home and Business has been a great choice for me for sevearl years, and each year they improve the product. I ordered the 2008 version today. This package is remarkable. It includes software for your Form 1040 individual or joint tax return, plus programs to prepare your Corporation or S-Corp (Form 1120), Partnership (Form 1065), or Estate or Trust (Form 1041). State returns for all these is included. Employment tax return preparation (W-4, 1099 and so on) is also included. For the personal return, electronic filing for federal is included (5 returns), but you will have to either mail your state return or pay a fee (reasonable by my lights) to file electronically. I don't think electronic filing is available for the business returns. Anyway all this is in the package. Don't overbuy. If you don't have one of the businesses mentioned, just get the appropriate software for 1040 returns. But if you need to file for a business (Corp/Partn/EstTr) plus your individual return, this deal is hard to beat. Let me end with a few cautions: If you are buying TaxCut Home and Business + E-file,  you don't need to buy TaxCut Premium + State + E-file.  IT'S INCLUDED. I mention this specifically because they seem to be marketed together on this site. The forms to be used for this year's income tax haven't been completed by IRS. They will be updating items during the first couple of months of 2009, and there's no way the software I'm buying today can include all of them. So I'll need to go to the HRBlock update site a few times (the software connects and links up) to get updates from both Fed and state. With all tax software there is a learning curve, so read the lines, think about what you're doing, allow adequate prep time, and review the results before you file. I think you'll be pleased. PS  I used to work for H&R Block but have not for sevearl years. I use the software because I think it's the best for the price.
--Endy Sun Aug 12 16:11:32 2012

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