isometric castles
Heh that's pretty cool. What's with the weird pattern on the top that occurs when you fill each line up with blocks?
--Darkcraf Tue Apr 21 07:46:34 2009
I dunno -- either it's just the isometric pattern, or if it's a bit flickery, maybe the computer can't keep up with drawing 10x10x10 blocks... (I didn't optimize this much at all)
--Kirk Tue Apr 21 08:26:28 2009
Seems weird that each column would have a random max number of blocks.
--Darkcraft Tue Apr 21 20:00:40 2009
It's supposed to max out at 10, but I just realized I'm not really accounting for the blocks that are already falling when doing the check if it's ok to add another block -- heh, should I fix it or leave it as is?
--Kirk Tue Apr 21 21:51:32 2009
Leave it as it is. It's like looking at tea-leaves. I was trying to see secret messages in it.
--Darkcraft Wed Apr 22 09:43:02 2009
Ha, excellent.
If someone wants a perfect 10x10x10 cube, well, they're going to have to work for it.
--Kirk Wed Apr 22 10:39:02 2009

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