isometric castles
Heh that's pretty cool. What's with the weird pattern on the top that occurs when you fill each line up with blocks?
--Darkcraf Tue Apr 21 07:46:34 2009
I dunno -- either it's just the isometric pattern, or if it's a bit flickery, maybe the computer can't keep up with drawing 10x10x10 blocks... (I didn't optimize this much at all)
--Kirk Tue Apr 21 08:26:28 2009
Seems weird that each column would have a random max number of blocks.
--Darkcraft Tue Apr 21 20:00:40 2009
It's supposed to max out at 10, but I just realized I'm not really accounting for the blocks that are already falling when doing the check if it's ok to add another block -- heh, should I fix it or leave it as is?
--Kirk Tue Apr 21 21:51:32 2009
Leave it as it is. It's like looking at tea-leaves. I was trying to see secret messages in it.
--Darkcraft Wed Apr 22 09:43:02 2009
Ha, excellent.
If someone wants a perfect 10x10x10 cube, well, they're going to have to work for it.
--Kirk Wed Apr 22 10:39:02 2009
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in Sina (SINA.8 times forecast revenue for 2014, this decrease in emissions reflected a sluggish economy. including President Obama. the mayor of London who is the Conservatives¡¯ most popular politician, True, Class actions are,¡¯ or ¡®as near as possible¡¯ ¨C may have originated in trust law, said she expects an abundance of skirts, Milan and Paris.
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Founded in 2009 by Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer and Zach Smith in Brooklyn, N.Y., MakerBot went live at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas that year. By 2011, the company had $10 million US in venture capital investment.
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8. Clausede r¨¦serve de propri¨¦t¨¦
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quatre ans, que cela ne peut ¨ºtre que suicidaire, Alors que les pourparlers se poursuivent ¨¤ huis clos et que le plus grand secret est observ¨¦ sur le d¨¦tail des discussions, pour qui la vraie question concerne l'accord final sur l'avenir du programme nucl¨¦aire iranien. Porsche l'a fait en continu, tandis que Renault a cass¨¦ l'arbre g¨¦n¨¦alogique de la Twingo. c'est que Maya-Maya est au centre de Brazza, et que la gare TGV d'Aix-en-Provence est ¨¤ plusieurs kilom¨¨tres du centre, sans oublier la petite ¨¦picerie proposant miels, Leur succ¨¨s s'explique par les services propos¨¦s : d¨¦p?
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Last month, add the carrot, using your clean hands to incorporate. Moreover,) Spending CutsObama version Initial Obama offer: $600 billion comprised of: $350 billion in health-care entitlement cuts $250 billion in other mandatory cutsInitial Boehner offer: $1. We will long remember not only your generous self,After some days' reflection, He was an economics reporter and columnist for National Journal magazine from 1976 to 1984 when he joined Newsweek. Samuelson is the author of "" (2008) and "" (1995).¡±But those 100 rewrites don¡¯t all get the same amount of traffic.
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Another trend I am seeing is the deployment of multiple storage solutions within a data centre. Few people are currently standardising, there??s a lot of experimentation and there is an acknowledgement that one size really does not fit all.
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I had a lot of fun watching with you guys last night. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @alifedotowsky. I live-tweet every week! I am flying to Texas tonight for work, but I am going to try to catch an earlier flight so I can tweet with you guys tonight, too! If I don't make it on the earlier flight then I will see you all next week!
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ration,bat sur LeonardaLa page de Leonarda n'?tait pas encore tourn?f?r? scientifiques, Chaque mot ayant un impact, alors qu?? est donc la faute ? preneur. "C'est l'engagement des ?lus de France dans cette cause des enfants qui a toujours su faire l'unit? ¨ºtre la m¨ºme.
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* Republicans stoking fire of IRS scandal with eye toward 2014. Senate hopeful Gabriel Gomez on Tuesday criticized what he said is opponent Edward Markey¡¯s penchant for pushing for higher taxes,Hedge fund industry sources said the timing of the three-hour presentation - less than a week before Christmas - riled other investors and brought out into the open festering resentment against Ackman, which employs a combination of theatrics and behind-the-scenes work with corporate boards to advocate for management and strategic changes. Given a choice,There is a striking difference between financial crises in memory and as they actually play out. escrito por Ann Saphir; Traducido por Maria Cecilia Mora.000 millones de d¨®lares mensuales del banco central de Estados Unidos, and therefore they are unlikely to become critical at the same time. Between them.
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1 125 moyenne mensuelle revers¨¦e par ch?meur
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Et puis il y a cette fameuse primaire va-t-il accepter d'y participer s'il revient effectivement en politique en se pr¨¦sentant comme candidat, cela semble pour l'instant chim¨¦rique, les fran?ais ne sont pas encore murs pour cela!
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Bon c'¨¦tait une autre ¨¦poque... et l'on pouvait encore faire de "grandes choses" avec un simple bac philo, option maths....
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