Hey, that's the gereatst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
--Kerryn Sat Apr 23 23:19:40 2011
rReoat Thank you ever so for you blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:17:31 2012
Hello, My name is Janine and I started rsicareheng about homeschooling afew months ago.Since then I stumbled upon many resources. I would like to ask if you would answers a couple of questions about homeschooling?The answers or any insights i will be posting on my blog.I already sent the same inquiry to other moms who are nominated in the Top 25 homeschooling mom post in circle of mom including Debbi of thesimplemom.com/, Marci of homeschoolingscientist, Deb of lvingmontersorrinow.com, and others.. i am also glad that they replied back!It's ok if you can answer maybe a few of these.. thanks! In Your Experience, What are best benefits of homeschooling?What if a child wants to learn something a parent can't teach? Not knowledgable or not in the curriculum? Is homeschooling expensive in your case?How to know which materials and resources to use?Where can one get materials and resources?Is homeschooling a full time activity or can you do something else with your day?What about the social life of kids who learn at home? Are parents worried about that?Does homeschooling work for teenagers? Will there be any issues for homeschoolers to get into college?What can i tell those skeptic people that homeschooling is not the way to go in educating a child?Looking forward to your reply.Janine / Jake
--Randall Sun Nov 24 06:44:17 2013

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