Here's to the girls!
--YELM Thu Apr 30 09:46:20 2009
Especially pulchritudinous girls!
--Bill the Splut Thu Apr 30 17:36:29 2009
Kirk if you were a Food Network star you'd be Alton Brown--anyone ever told you that you both look and act alike?
--Hillary Thu Apr 30 19:05:21 2009
"the road is still dirty and uncomfortably firm and gravel-y! Duh. Unless you can find an old dirt road that has grass growing between the wheel tracks.
--xoxoxoBruce Thu Apr 30 21:59:03 2009
Your tissue comment reminds me of this:
--Darkcraft Fri May 1 09:37:29 2009
Oh jeez
--Kirk Fri May 1 12:19:34 2009

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