oh james harvey!
I wholeheartedly believe more people should commission art.
--Leonard Wed May 6 09:06:13 2009
Your story was really informative, thkans!
--Gina Tue Sep 6 00:29:05 2011
Vs1lRb Excellent! Got a real pleasure..!!
--oem software Sun Feb 12 13:21:58 2012
he2X7z Fantastic blog post.Really thank you!
--Microsoft OEM Software Wed Mar 7 21:20:35 2012
In answer to your qusieton, as people start talking about the worst being over for the recession, I think this will lead to a slight uptick in attendance and a few more interested buyers, however not too many more, if any actual sales. I say this as a Yacht is a large purchase, and there is only talk of the recession ending, so I think people will be a little cautious still, and instead go out and shop in case we really have hit the bottom.
--Eddie Mon Sep 16 11:34:38 2013

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