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In my opinion it is not the debt so much as the mnadsihling of the money in her campaign. There was a lot of ridiculous expenditures that were unnecessary. Like the shovels for Iowa before the election when it didn't even snow! Or pizza parties, high priced hotel rooms and other stuff. While Obama had volunteers lined up well ahead of time to cook for his campaign staff.Personally I do feel that if she cannot handle her own campaign finances, it does send a message that she may not be able to handle the economy.To me is doesn't matter that she has the money to bail herself out of debt in her campaign. The issue is really if she will be able to effectively fix the economy in our country. I doubt that her and Bill are willing to use their own money to bail the country out, even if they had enough to do so.BTW Obama does not have campaign debt and continues to raise more campaign money than Hillary or McCain. Last month he doubled Hillary and almost tripled McCain!Michelle
--Magda Mon Jun 4 20:42:35 2012

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