On GDP which is an artificial measurement. For example, you destroy a forest but it makes a positive result in the GDP. If you measure how badly the US performs in terms of infant mortality, child poverty you see that GDP is a poor measurement. The US also placed 74th in happiness in a recent study with socialized countries Iceland (prior to crash) Switzerland and other Scandavian countries in the top 10. I would rather pay high taxes and know I will never have to live in a tent city, will have medical care if I need it, etc. In otherwords, GDP is NOT the way to measure the health and welfard of a society
--DL Fri May 15 02:44:18 2009
Exactly, GDP doesn't measure available stocks and unmoved capital. If GDP were the only index, it would pay to bomb a major city to the ground every so often in order to stimulate the economy. A better measure would a measure of wealth generated and wealth destroyed.
--LAN3 Fri May 15 17:41:29 2009
But Connecticut has the worst income disparity (percentage of rich to percentage of poor) of any state, and DC has the worst of any city. Yeah, everything's jake if you're one of the rich, but not if you're one of the poor or middle class dealing with some of the highest costs of living in the country.
--Bill the Splut Fri May 15 17:55:44 2009
re: CSS

Have you tried border-collapse: collapse; (on the table element) ? it will make your table like most, delicious cake.
-- Mr. Ibis Wed May 27 11:03:26 2009

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