what's coming out of YOUR wallet?
I'd rather see the bad-ass biker who buys a snow rake to remove high-up snowdrifts so that they DO fall on pedestrians...As it hits, maybe he could scream "I'm dreaming of a white SNOW MASS! ON YOUR HEAD!"
--Bill the Splut Tue May 19 18:11:34 2009
I can already tell that's gonna be super hlefpul.
--Satch Tue Oct 18 06:59:44 2011
Max think you need mainstream TV eruospxe, but then your credibility would go through the floor as a sell out. On reflection stay well outside the mainstream networks.Poor Glen Beck .a manic depressive recovering alcoholic.Dont touch or go anywhere near that brand label otherwise you are toast!  Z
--Masaru Mon Jun 4 11:30:41 2012

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