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Wow, warnings of a life misspent - when the immediate reaction to boba grafett is that the antenna is on the wrong side. Confirmed (scoff- as if you would have to) by a glance over to your 6 ft vinyl fathead of the fett-man on the wall.
--skidbladnr Sat May 23 06:50:24 2009
haha, good catch
--Kirk Sat May 23 07:28:24 2009
I was listening to today's "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR and it was a clips show featuring previous "Not My Job" guest contestants, including Carrie Fisher. The topic of the metal bikini came up, and she mentioned that its major problem wasn't that it was cold, but that it didn't really adhere to her body, so as she was lying next to Jabba, she said the actor who was playing Boba Fett "could see all the way to Florida."

The entire 11-minute segment is really worth hearing:
It's a mix of weird hollywood stories, owing to here parentage, and Star Wars interest, and general hilarity.
--LAN3 Sat May 23 17:51:42 2009
I'll check it out! I've been meaning to get into her books, I've loved her "feelings for furnture" (reposted on next entry) quote for a long while.
--Kirk Sun May 24 08:05:31 2009

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