do you feel lucky?
They kinda do come with a common programming environment: JavaScript in the Browser.

It's easier to get started on than BASIC.
--Mr. Ibis Thu May 28 14:46:05 2009
Aren't all notes, in fact, notes to Future Self?
--anon Thu May 28 14:49:20 2009
I had the same thought, which is why I tried to weasel my way out with a "widely-recognized" - in context, I meant recognized by the person who happens to own the computer.

And in some ways, it's NOT easier to get started on than BASIC compared to, say, an Apple II or C=64 or Atari 800XL, where you could literally start typing, even in immediate mode. There's a bigger cognitive jump to realizing you have a language right in the browser, and then the sandboxed nature of it is a bit limiting too.

--Kirk Thu May 28 14:50:34 2009
Oops, heh, I was responding to Mr. Ibis.

Well, in theory my regular notes are to anyone who happens to read 'em - my "Notes to Future Self" are actually little tech notes I want to remember so I don't have to research them again.
--Kirk Thu May 28 14:52:18 2009

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