so happy about the new movie
Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant aynasles, OK?
--Topher Fri Jan 11 09:17:23 2013
e that if a line sticks in your head, chances are it stuck in someone else's, so I searched. "nihilist" has 28 hits, only 3 of which are not The Big Lebowski, which is complicated by the fact that several of the characters are only identified as Nihilist #1 and #2. No joy on your quote. 

Lately in my head, a military radio call "Yankee One Starbase!" popped into my head, and it took me several attempts before working out that it wasn't Top Gun, as I thought, but one of the background-color scenes from "The Hunt For Red October," where the Admiral's explaining to Ryan about the heightened military activity between the US and Soviets, and as we listen it results in a fatal crash on the carrier's flight deck. (My dad, in the Navy at the time, had seen that archive crash footage in training.)
--LAN3 Sat May 30 13:47:11 2009

--Nick Sun May 31 04:19:16 2009
You damn heomald!!!
--Kirk Sun May 31 19:06:13 2009

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