100 movie lines in 200 seconds
The video box is a blank white space. A general problem, or a possible Web-sense block from my end?
--YELM Mon Jun 1 15:29:26 2009
I had a white block with a video-player logo in the center. I clicked it, and it played.

Anyway, I'm a Virginian, so we had "Sic Semper Tyrannis," a line spoken by a great Roman and a notorious Marylander in DC, who may have been trying to cover for accidentally breaking his leg on stage, seconds after his more famous performance a few feet behind President Lincoln.

Lately, though, I'm seeing things through the "Life Free or Die" lens of New Hampshirites, which disturbs me, for they are, of course, unapologetic yankees.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 1 18:07:01 2009
A complete list of mottos, or apparently complete at first glance, from wikimisleadia (which tends towards high trust where almanac info is concerned) is here:

I just made that and this paragraph a little wordy to increase the text:url ratio, in case you're spam-trapping by that method.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 1 18:09:32 2009
Nah, no Spam trapping.

That's where I looked up the state mottos, after hearing about a Squidbillies episode that used Georgia's as a codeword for Georgia.

Live Free or Die. I dunno, a little under-nuanced for my taste...
--Kirk Mon Jun 1 22:05:49 2009

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