because what you really wanted to see today was a photo of my bathroom walls, right?
--YELM Tue Jun 2 07:55:03 2009
Saw it even more in-progress a few weeks ago. Tres artistic as well as personal/emotional.
--YELAS Tue Jun 2 09:27:52 2009
heh, kind of funny that I solicited feedback from my mom and my aunt - though you do figure prominently there!

I've been thinking that I should extend this sooner rather than later, actually. Though in theory I don't want to cram it all the way to the brim, but leave some room for future growth...
--Kirk Tue Jun 2 09:53:46 2009
That saves me. Thanks for being so senbsile!
--Lesa Tue Oct 18 12:05:14 2011
Actually I sort of figure some untwtiren rules when I read some thread in BaiduSukbar (China) that Sukkie don't like to be touched (or worst mobbed) if he has not given permission (like HTK in YAB) ^_^ Especially during LoungeH or clubbing, that is the time when he can be himself & enjoy the freedom, rules seem to be no autograph, photos, vids, mobbing.. just treat him as DJ.. really not sure if this is written rules somewhere for new eels as I can't understand the main fanclub site
--Noor Mon Sep 16 19:39:17 2013

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