Kirk, wereswan about town.
--Cordelia Wed Jun 3 09:48:41 2009
If rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic event, then I vote that freerunning gymnastics should be there, also!
--YELM Wed Jun 3 10:57:13 2009
Algriht alright alright that's exactly what I needed!
--Nezife Sat Apr 7 11:58:18 2012
She took the step across her body beausce she was over rotated. Apparently we are looking at two different vaults; she completed it.And who are you to say whether or not it should be counted? The judges would have marked her off quite a bit more than .5 if they thought she didn't complete it. They have slow step by step cameras to ensure they judge accurately and fairly. They deduct for every little thing so what would have stopped them from deducting her if she didn't complete it?
--Amy Fri Jul 13 21:05:47 2012

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