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Hi! I just discovered your blog and eeonyjd the photos, and the articles. I'm new to the blogging experience just recently started taking photos daily, and posting them on my blog. I have a couple of ideas in mind. One is about things I've learned while doing a photo a day. Another idea is my impressions of the my new lenses Canon 50mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.8. I'm not a professional photographer, and my camera is the original Rebel (I know, ancient and basic), but if you still need contributers I'm definitely interested in the opportunity. Thanks! Benita (aka fabala24)
--NiCkza Thu Mar 7 04:40:46 2013
PlD2mf Really informative blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
--smashing top seo Sat Oct 26 12:30:12 2013

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