bzzz whirrr click whirrrr
haha wow that's kind of creepy
--Nick Sun Jun 14 10:17:16 2009
They were in one of the Wild Wild West movies (the TV movies, not that one that was a total piece of...uh, something you liked more than I did). They played the 1870s version of the Bionic Man, except they ran on clockwork. They were awesome.
--Bill the Splut Sun Jun 14 11:56:02 2009

Man, that laughtrack is just awful.
--Kirk Sun Jun 14 20:37:13 2009
Though I guess the show is framed as being in front of a "live muppet audience", but still...
--Kirk Sun Jun 14 20:37:41 2009
Were they real people or puppets? The movements look like good puppetry, but the close up on the eyes looked human enough.
--The_Lex Mon Jun 15 06:35:07 2009
Er, real people, ya? But they are pretty phenomenal... and the Foley Sound FX is very well done.
--Kirk Wed Jun 17 08:46:56 2009

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