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I have "Down on the Corner" on a CCR "best of" CD if you're interested. Love its rhythm.
--YELM Thu Jun 18 07:17:50 2009
Thanks but I think I ended up grabbing that on amazon once I confirmed the title.... one at a time mp3s makes for some awesome impulse buying! And yeah, nice sound and attitude with that song...
--Kirk Thu Jun 18 07:57:40 2009
Crap! Your mom beat me to the CCR identification. Shouldn't she be at work or something? On the same album as Suzie-Q. 
--YELAS Thu Jun 18 15:29:59 2009
The utility of annuities in retirement plans kind of confuse me, and I'm licensed to sell fixed-rate annuities in Illinois!
--The_Lex Sun Jun 21 17:54:52 2009
I've been watching your viodes every day learning something new every day. I have been playing for some time and always learning. It's good that you don't rush through your lessons. Great. Thanks. Eric. From Nova Scotia
--Gauhar Thu Nov 21 18:55:31 2013

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