pretty colour crackdown
Hey, they're trying to kill me first. Why should I feel guilty about killing some of them?

You should make the game start over if they get to the pointer, though. It would make it more of a game and less guilt inducing. =D
--The_Lex Sun Jun 21 17:49:39 2009
Kill you? What makes you think that? You fascist!

Unfortunately it doesn't really start looking pretty 'til they reach the pointer and then start looping back...
--Kirk Mon Jun 22 08:16:43 2009
Ummmm. . .they're chasing after my pointer, even when I take the pointer off the active screen.

In an interactive thing like that, when there's a mass of creatures, I think they're either creatures trying to eat, crazy fans, papparazzi or possibly even worse. In all cases, because of the large numbers, my death is likely, whether intentional or not.

The possibilities definitely create a moral quandry, depending on the shade of gray.
--The_Lex Mon Jun 22 12:03:28 2009
An invaders bigot, that's what you are man. Damn!
--Kirk Mon Jun 22 13:03:03 2009
I guess there's that, too. They're called Invaders, damnit, Invaders! If that wasn't enough to make one a bigot of them, I don't know what is.

They're awfully pretty, though.
--The_Lex Wed Jun 24 21:15:53 2009
Oooooh. . .I didn't realize you could hold the fire button down. Invader Genocide!!!!!
--The_Lex Thu Jun 25 22:50:56 2009

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