gm is people
That GM pavillion was very impressive, as were the displays around it.
--xoxoxoBruce Mon Jun 22 21:54:42 2009
Wow, were you there??
--Kirk Tue Jun 23 08:18:56 2009
Auughh, soylent green!! What a terrifying old film.
--Tiffany Tue Jun 23 10:55:47 2009
Yeah, made several trips from where we were living in Medford.
I was driving a new Mustang that summer and life was good.
The Chrysler pavilion was a giant V-8 engine.
The NY Port Authority had a stand up theater with a 360 degree screen, showing a movie shot from a helicopter flying up the Hudson river, under the bridges. When the chopper would bank, some people would actually fall over.
Damn, now I'll have to dig out my pictures. ;o)
--xoxoxoBruce Tue Jun 23 22:33:13 2009
--Kirk Thu Jun 25 08:25:59 2009
Actually if you ever need a place to post something like that let me know :-)
--Kirk Thu Jun 25 08:26:27 2009
Ummm...I was there, too. It was the day before I left on my German exchange program and the VW sponsors took all of us for a poured rain in the evening, and it was one of the few indoor exhibits we could enjoy. But the neon light colors were wonderful in the rain. That would be 1964
--YELM Thu Jun 25 23:46:12 2009

You don't hear much about World's Fairs these days...

I remember my dad had like a paperweight with the pyramid and sphere from the 1939 incarnation.
--Kirk Fri Jun 26 09:11:18 2009

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