maryland reunion filler: press hop
I have to "Say Say Say" that I realize Michael Jackson was "Bad" by allegedly being a child molester and it really made me want to tell him to "Beat It" and to take a harder look at the "Man in the Mirror" but I guess "I Remember the Time" when his music was a real "Thriller" appealing to many audiences including but not limited to the "Black or White". Oh but to be in our "Childhood" (theme from Free Willy 2) again and instead of worrying about topics like death and dying to be concerned about singing our "ABC"s or watchin' the "Rockin Robin" out in the treetop all day long. I still say that Janet Jackson was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. I would have liked to attend an MJ concert as well but just like I can't solve the world's problems I can't "Heal the World" either. But maybe "Billie Jean" or "Ben" can. Aww shucks, I "Never Can Say Goodbye" I suppose. Sniffle. :-( RIP MJ!
--MJ fan/80s fan Fri Jun 26 14:56:31 2009
--Kirk Fri Jun 26 15:17:35 2009
Hey! New Hampshire is covered in fireflies. I believe Boston is too *urban*
--Mr. Ibis Fri Jun 26 22:36:44 2009
I second that, too urban.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Jun 26 23:13:15 2009
Cleveland was pretty urban too though, right? And they were plentiful in neighborhoods that were at least as close as to the center as Arlington is, say.
--Kirk Sat Jun 27 00:09:08 2009
Can't tell you about Boston, but Waltham had plenty of fireflies that we used to catch in the evenings. Fireflies and lady bugs were about all of the wildlife we got to see...besides flies, mosquitoes, worms, grasshoppers and ants, that is.
--YELM Sat Jun 27 20:04:48 2009
Singapore doesn't beat people for putting gum on sidewalks. It banned gum, which is only now available in single packs behind the counter. However you feel about punishing the crime, Singapore is about restricting your freedoms. Not to say that chewing gum, or spitting it out, is an inalienable right, but can you think of something that harms other people less than chewing gum? A government that bans chewing gum is a government that operates on whim. That's a bad thing.
--LAN3 Tue Jun 30 19:30:06 2009

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