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Retired!!?? What is that?? I am busier now than I have ever been. Our ltlite town of Theodosia Missouri is very active community. People from the big city ask, Whatever is there to do there in a town of only 259 people?  Well, we have a school where there are children from preschool age to seniors. They are continually planning community activities from Christmas carols to Valentine dinners to project graduation. Any of the four churches have programs from time to time. A local restaurant has dinner and a show every Saturday night, sometimes with an entertainer from Branson. The fire department has an auction once a year for various prizes and tickets to Branson shows. The county seat, Gainesville, has Hootin' and Hollarin' festivities for three days each year with parades, music, dancing, booths, games and food. And then there is the Red Hat group who meet once a month and plan activites for themselves. I am very active with them. We are planning our 4th anniversary party for May 2009 and have begun planning our 5th anniversary party that will take place in the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks in Branson. Some of our Red Hat group also dance at the Branson Landing on October 3rd of each year. The mayor of Branson proclaimed October 3rd as Red Hat day. At the present time, I am beginning my second year as a trustee of the Village of Theodosia. I am the former village clerk. I am on the board of trustees for the volunteer fire department with the title of secretary/treasurer. My husband Lee and I have two adult children, three grandsons and one granddaughter. I suppose one could say that my hobby is running from old age. Mother nature may have caught me but father time is far behind me.
--Chikezie Fri Jul 13 02:56:45 2012

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