rules for poets now that anyone can write
"t is as difficult to write a poem as it is to write a symphony."
I'd like to call bs on that one.
--Nick/Darkcraft Wed Jul 8 23:38:20 2009
2, 8, 14 I don't agree with at all.
4, 5, 7 are pretty good.
--Kirk Thu Jul 9 07:14:55 2009
A small burp of a book on the subject that has great merit - An Introduction to English Poetry by James Fenton
--Skidbladnr Thu Jul 9 17:08:47 2009
Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my questions are asenwred!
--Makailee Fri Jan 6 20:08:47 2012
This is a great idea! I have also had this idea before. I caelld them weekend cabs.  They would be hot pink, and no company would be able to to be hot pink. And the city would let them out on thurs, fri, and saturday nights, or during special events like Bay to Breakers. If a driver couldn't get out at their company because the shift has filled, they'd just trudge down to city hall, where 100-150 weekend cabs would be parked in that underground garage. The city would maintain the vehicles and keep the gates. No raidos, just flags.Great idea, huh?
--Eric Fri Nov 22 07:20:37 2013

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