First off Amber is a babe ... and the years are short had me wikipedia pablum making me double chuckle at the canadian and bland.
--Skidbladnr Wed Jul 15 17:33:20 2009
secondly... not a photographic genius am i. but, i do recognize art. amber's pic is just such. 
--aparajita Wed Jul 15 21:00:16 2009
Puppy!!! :oD
--Tiffany Wed Jul 15 21:21:39 2009
Spy Pond is pretty.
--The_Lex Thu Jul 16 23:21:57 2009
Kirk do you have a dA account? If not, get one please. If so, link please :) is me
--Nick/Darkcraft Fri Jul 17 00:11:06 2009
I'm kirkjerk there but I never use it except for viewing. Should I?
--Kirk Sun Jul 19 08:02:36 2009
dA is a bitch to use and 90% of the moderators suck, but there is no better way to get your artwork seen by people :)
--Nick Sun Jul 19 20:54:07 2009

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