Re "later/never": A frequently used, and most annoying, response from my Mom: "I'd rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it:
--YELM Mon Jul 20 14:22:40 2009
Geeze -
Like I needed to remember that.

--YELAS Mon Jul 20 18:00:04 2009
What was the context for that usually? At first I thought it was "I'm not going to promise you this because I might owe it to you forever" but taken literally it sounds like "I'll give it to you... someday"
--Kirk Mon Jul 20 18:02:23 2009
The latter. Once a promise had been made, if we reminder her of it before it was fulfilled, that was the answer.
--YELM Tue Jul 21 08:57:35 2009

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