the bookshelf that flushes
The toy section in the back of the Sears catalog was always sacrosanct to me.

Star wars dioramas for the win!
--James Boag Fri Jul 24 12:04:57 2009
Plus those videogames, all those mocked up screenshots which oddly didn't always look better than the actual games...

Different era than my dad though.
--Kirk Fri Jul 24 13:35:30 2009
Right now (Where mathematics comes from... how the embodied mind brings mathematics into being/ George Lakoff .. Rafael E. Nunez) if Lakoff writes it I tend to read it he hooked me with (Women fire and dangerous things)
--skidbladnr Fri Jul 24 15:02:32 2009
Anyone who has the time to read on the toilet really needs to get more fiber in their diet.
--Bill the Splut Fri Jul 24 17:01:20 2009
You don't HAVE the time you MAKE the time. So to speak.
--Kirk Fri Jul 24 17:30:32 2009
Seriously, it's kind of a timeout, when no one's gonna be too on your case for lingering.
--Kirk Fri Jul 24 17:31:00 2009
I have piles of magazines in my bathroom, all short-reading: Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country, PC Gamer, and Popular Science. Plus the occasional Seattle Metropolitan magazine. I once had good of Philip K Dick short stories, but they weren't short enough.

--LAN3 Mon Jul 27 02:15:52 2009
I think it's mostly a guy thing.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 27 07:38:06 2009

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